Passion with bricks

“A room should nevel allowthe eye to settle in one place.

It should smile at you and create fantasy.”

The Art of the Bricks

Some people look for a beautiful place,

Others make a place beautiful.

So we do.

There is a beauty in simplicity

“It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.”



For many years of our activity selling brick tiles, brick wall tiles, reclaimed tiles, we have understood that only comprehensive customer service can fully satisfy his expectations.


Therefore, our help begins at the stage of project planning, trying to choose the most appropriate brick tile for your project or type of product for a given investment. Then, through professional assembly service, we guarantee the full use of the capabilities of our tiles and the highest level of using the best available materials from world leaders in the field of construction chemistry. All individual components make up a wider range of customers who are willing to come back for more investments.




 Brick tiles will add texture to any room you put them in. They’re charming, but also extremely durable and tough. You can put them around your fireplace, in your kitchen, or make an entire wall and make them the focal point of your room. These tiles are extremely easy to install and don’t require a lot of tools or materials. Also, they’re pretty cost-effective and energy-efficient.



Not only that, but brick tiles are extremely easy to maintain and don’t require any protective coatings, unlike vinyl or wood. What’s more, they absorb sound from the outside, making your home a quiet fortress. They are perfect as brick tiles for wall.




On our website, you can take your pick between four different types of brick tiles:

● Reclaimed
● Manufactured
● Replica
● Floor

Each of these types has a unique and look feel to them so that they can match everyone’s style. They’re a bold design statement that can give your home or business that industrial look that’s incredibly popular right now.





If you have an initial idea, outline the project you would like to make, contact us and we will be happy to use our own many years of experience to advise you which product will be the most suitable and which materials to build for your investment. To get the basic calculation, click the icon above.


Our trade partners are prestigious companies producing brick tiles from all around the Europe. That is why beside standard offer we are able to fit into customer needs. We are not afraid of challenges and with greatest pleasure we can face up even to most sophisticated orders.


Many years of experience taught us that transport is as important as quality of products. Extraordinary protection and also cooperation with professional courier companies is warranty of safe package. Particular price is calculated according to the size of an order and place requested by our clients. 


Thanks to purchasing in our firm there is a possibility of using our experts in case of service and installment of all kinds of brick tiles. Should you decide on installing our product yourself, we assure you that you will be given all needed products and informations necessary to do so.


If you want to create a rustic look in your home or business — reclaimed tiles are the way to go. All of our bricks are at least from the 19th century and they’ll give your home a unique aesthetic and warm feel.

What’s more, no two reclaimed brick tiles are the same, which adds character to your home without breaking the bank.

Using cutting edge technology, the Rustic Tiles team washes and polishes these reclaimed tiles to make them more visually stunning as brick wall tiles.

Not only are these reclaimed tiles cheaper than standard ones, but they’re also more environmentally-friendly. By choosing to use reclaimed brick tiles for your next project, you’ll be helping reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.

On the Rustic Tiles website, our customers can choose between six different types of reclaimed brick tiles. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colours, and all of them are available as tiles, corners, and full bricks.


Passion which over the years inspired experienced people, skilled in building and designing, helps us change interiors beyond recognition in such a short time. Professionalism of our experts is translated to quality of our services, and obviously, realization of all kinds of complicated projects. Our products are perfect for retail investors, that want to individualize their Home interiors and also for business investors, who are looking for an unique and unrepeatable place in „bricks”. In addition to our products we also offer professional consulting about technology of installation.



Thanks to durability tests it is possible to choose only tiles with best technical parameters.


Manual creation of bricks is translated to the unique look of each tile.


Unique colour of tiles is gained thanks to ancient method of mixing and baking the clay.


Specialized technology of cleaning with strong stream of water (200 bar) and also polishing helps to erase all the imperfections.



Our experience is coming from gratitude of our clients and we gladly use their opinion to make your decision about changing home interiors easier.


Cooperation with befriended architects gives us knowledge about latest trends in creating unique interiors by using brick tiles. Should you decide to collaborate with our firm you can stay assured that you will be given a product which beside the satisfaction will also be perfect to your surroundings.



One of the most important decisions to be taken in addition to the appropriate material is to choose a professional assembly team.


This will avoid many problems that may occur during the assembly itself and get the desired effect. If you are not convinced of the tight installation skills, we recommend our own professionals with many years of experience who will not only perform the most complex projects but will advise you to take full advantage of the space and material.


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